MSEF SKIER.COM  Medford Ski Education Foundation                                                



It's Fun up here on top of the world... Come join us!

Our skier athletes are pushing the limits on the mountain. Versatility, endurance, and a hunger for adventure are common traits of our skier athletes. We welcome anyone with an honest desire to learn the skills necessary to compete on the mountain.  Join us now!   We offer the best... 

  • Alpine Ski Racing                                                              
  • OISRA Membership
  • Certified Coaches                         
  • State High School Championships                                
  • All Mountain Free Skiing for fun
  • Teambuilding
  • Fundraising Events 
  • Summer Recreation Events
  • Family Involvement
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Wherever there is a new challenge, our athletes will be there! 

Novice Racers welcome.  The sport of skiing is truly a journey of self discovery.  Once you gather the skills to conquer a mountain - you are more than a skier athlete -  You are part of a legacy - A MSEF Skier!

Mt. Ashland

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